Sunday, February 10, 2008

Challenge Taken in Texas

A third grader in the Lone Star State had this to say,

"I think that the Kid should spare the Ant's life because the Ant is an innocent food collector. The Kid doesn't have to do what his friends want him to do. It's just like if you were a character kid and you were hanging out with a kid who doesn't have a lot of character, then you'd have to find a new friend. If you are friends with someone who is making bad choices, then maybe you might make bad choices too. But you don't want to do that and let bad choices get into your mind.

The Kid should become friends with the Ant and be nice to Ants. The Kid has a tree house where the Ant and his family can be with him. The Kid and the Ant could play games like Checkers or Hide and Seek. The Ant would probably really be good at that game. When they got done playing, the Kid could make a picnic for the Ant so that it wouldn't have to steal the food and the Ant could take the food for his city."

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