Friday, February 22, 2008

Challenge Taken in Ohio

My, oh, my we have another raft of entries. This time from the mighty state of Ohio. This came in from a third grader who picked up the rhyme beautifully!!

KID: I understand how you feel!
Remember though- you have been known to steal my meal.
And my friends are telling me
That I should squish any insect-an ANT or a Bee!

ANT: It doesn't matter what your friends tell you.
There is only one answer and the answer is TRUE.
Listen to your heart
and STOP what your shoe is about to start!

KID: Maybe you are right.
Maybe we should not have started this fight!
What do my friends really know?
Perhaps you are not my foe!
I will leave you alone!
And I will even share my ice cream cone!

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