Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Challenge Taken in Maine

Some fabulous facts about ants from this essay challenge entrant from Phil & Hannah's home state of Maine:

"Dear kid, Please don't kill the ant! They just have 45-60 days to live! They only take crumbs, and why would you need any crumbs? Ants just need food to feed their colony. Exactly, like you need food for your family to be strong and healthy. The ant that you are about to step on might be the strongest in the colony and others may be counting on him to bring them food. Ants need food to survive!

Think about it, kid, if all of the ants in the world died, what would we do without them? Ants recycle the crumbs we don't use, so they are helpful! Also, if you died, what would we do without you? Your mother and father would cry like there was no tomorrow, they would die. They love you. Ants love the ant that you are about to step on too. P.S. BE NICER TO ANTS!!"

Hurray for the PS!

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